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CCTV Industry use

CCTV Cameras are becoming an integral part of security in home and commercial places.

CCTC (Closed Circuit Camera) is a term widely used for surveillance and providing security. CCTC system allows you to monitor different places from a single stand point. The video captures from the video recorder cameras is transmitted to a station where it can be live seen on a monitor. This helps in crime prevention and investigation and monitoring progress at a work station.

  • Use
CCTV Usages

CCTC cameras are mostly used in Banks, Jewellery shops, Restaurants, Retail Shops, Traffic Monitoring, Industry, Schools etc.

  • Storage

Most CCTV camera stores the recording and images to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). From here data can be retrieved and viewed. This data can be stored for some time and then can be archived or deleted permanently after some time. The size of the data is dependent upon the quality of data being stored, which can be configured easily.

  • Installation

The Installation of cctv camera is a straight forward activity once the number of locations, time for which the data needs to be stored, quality of video is decided. Our service executive will provide you the best suited option based upon your business and requirements.


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