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Complete Computer Solution provides remote support facility.


Let’s first understand what a remote support is.

A person sitting remotely (at a different location) can take access to your computer. He/She will have access to your computer just as you use your computer. He can fix any software related issue.

You just have to sit ideal and give him the access. The good part is you also can view what is happening and you will be able to fix the same issue next time.

Remote Access is possible by these software’s.

  1. Team Viewer

This is the most famous of remote access tools. The person who needs to provide access remotely need to install team viewer. Call the support agent and provide him the user id.

Team Viewer Support


That’s it

  1. Windows Remote Assistance
Windows Remote Assistance

Windows come with a built-in feature for remote access. Only Professional versions of windows have this feature though. This is a very convenient option as the software already comes installed on your computer.

To use this feature, inform the other person to open Windows Remote Assistance — either by opening the Start menu, typing Windows Remote, or navigating to Start -> All Programs -> Maintenance -> Windows Remote Assistance.

They’ll need to use the Invite someone you trust to help you option and then select Easy Connect, which will give them a password.

  1. VPN and Remote Desktop.
VPN and Remote Access

One more option is to set up a VPN of your network. Give the other person access to the VPN and then the support agent can directly take remote access of your machine.



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